About Me

I know we have heard plenty about Iraq and the jury is still out about whether America should have gotten itself involved there. Some believe the involvement was doomed from the start and should never have happened, whereas others believe that the involvement was right but America’s strategy or lack thereof was the problem. Before I get into the gist of what this blog is all about and where I stand in all this, I will first start with a brief introduction.

I am Samantha Gross a former attorney from Tennessee who strongly believes in the power of information as the vehicle through which peace and justice can be achieved. It’s for this reason that I recently left my legal practice and turned towards pursuing my passion in journalism with a special focus on issues that are affecting the United States of America.

I have spent a significant part of my time doing research and studies abroad, with a lot of that time spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, and it’s my desire to use this platform to look at issues affecting our nation, and revealing some of the problems we face today in hopes that we can bring awareness to situations and help rectify the large international issues.

I intend to make this an open platform and following the journalistic principles of giving a right of reply. I therefore look forward to your active participation in the discourse that I will bring up on this platform.