3 Things to consider before hiring an immigration lawyer

Immigration has been a major issue that has resulted from the conflicts in Iraq and other parts of the middle-east as refugees flee these countries in search of a better future in Europe and America. It’s however noteworthy that no one has taken the time to educate these immigrants on how to navigate the free world once they get here.

A major issue has been on how to access their legal entitlements such as legal representation. This is why through this post I am going to share 3 things an immigrant should consider before hiring an immigration lawyer.

1 They must ensure that the lawyer is legit

In America and any other part of the world, lawyers need a license from a registered state bar association in order for them to be able to practice law. It’s therefore important for you as an immigrant to verify whether a lawyer is legit by checking out their credentials. The good thing is that a quick search can be done online through websites that are usually provided by respective state bar associations.

2 You need to pay attention to small details

The way to tell a good attorney is through the way they talk to you about your case. A good immigration attorney will be honest with you and give you a true picture of the situation you are facing but still reassure you whereas a bad attorney will focus on treating your meeting like a sales pitch where they will be more focused on selling their services.

3 Be cautious of scam artistes

There are scammers out there who will assume that as an immigrant you are desperate and will be willing to easily spend your money in order to get favorable results. You must therefore keep an eye on anyone who creates the impression that your money will be an easier solution to your legal problems.

Keeping this in mind, it’s advisable for you to consult wisely as you do your due diligence so that you can identify a good immigration attorney who will look after your best interests.…

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Unfolding events in Iraq that America must keep an eye on

I felt like I left my previous article hanging when I said that it was about time America recalibrated and put its house in order by finally coming up with a solution that will ensure we get out of Iraq permanently. Therefore in this post, I want us to talk solutions.

I am going to highlight unfolding events in Iraq that America must keep an eye on and play an active role in if we are to finally close the Iraq chapter.

1 Reconciling the minorities in Iraq

Iraq has plenty of fault lines which always become evident when the country is not fighting a common enemy such as ISIS. These fault lines are in the shape of conflicts that exist among the Iraqi minorities such as the Turks, Yazidi, Christian, and Shabak among others and how they relate with the Iraqi government in Bagdad. America must play an active role in the reconciliation efforts for these groups.

2 Putting an end to the fragility that created room for ISIS

Lately, Iraqis from the southern part of the country have been back on the streets protesting against government neglect. Understandably so, they lack basic services as well as employment therefore they are not getting the bare minimum from their government. This is almost like déjà vu because it’s how ISIS came in. America must therefore find a way to support Iraq in this respect while it’s still early.

3 Formulating mechanisms for cohesion and peace building

The capacity of Iraqis to find amicable mechanism for cohesion and peace building needs to be invested in so that they don’t resort to bombs and guns every time they need to get heard. America should facilitate such efforts because they will benefit us as well as Iraqis in the long run. We can do without another war in the coming decade.

These are of course not simple solutions because of the complexities on the ground resulting from decades and probably even centuries of mistrust. However, every journey however long must always start with the first step.…

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Here are 3 major ways the war in Iraq continues to affect America

It’s no longer a point of argument that the Iraq war cost America plenty in terms of a human toll, financial costs, and sociopolitical cost, and most importantly, had a negative impact on our standing in the world. Many even believe that we lost our authoritative title as the voice of the free world. I would therefore like us to briefly look at how the war in Iraq continues to affect us as a country.

Here are 3 major ways the war in Iraq continues to affect America.

1 The financial costs keep mounting

In as much as the government withdrew the US military from Iraq, we continue to finance the rebuilding of the Iraqi military and recently we saw these billions of dollars go down the drain as the US and other coalition forces had to destroy military hardware taken over by ISIS which America had procured for the Iraqi military just a few months earlier.

2 An unending refugee crisis

Whereas America has had the benefit of having a large mass of water in the name of the Atlantic ocean separating it from Europe and by extension the influx of refugees escaping the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and so on, this still hasn’t spared America the responsibility of taking in its share of refugees as her other NATO counterparts in Europe.

As long as the battles in Iraq and the broader middle-east continue, the refugee crisis will be unending.

3 America has dropped the ball in the middle-east

America became too focused in Iraq, fighting the Iraq war and later pushing out ISIS and this focus led to America dropping the ball in the middle-east region. The chaos that have since followed in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran are just a clear indicator of what dropping the ball has led to.

It’s about time America recalibrated and put its house in order by finally figuring out how to get out of Iraq and get our permanently.…

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